Restaurants & Bars

Our products are the strating point of our cuisine

Fresh and organic products from the land and the sea of Kenya. Vegetables, fish, meat and of course wonderful fruits: mango, papaya, etc. To taste these fruits will be a surprise for those who are used to the imported ones in Europe. Our chefs simply enhance the taste of what is already good. A touch of Italy (pasta and tomato sauce are imported), international recipes and a wink to the local cuisine. Everyone can choose whether to continue with the “home” food habits or discover something new in the restaurants of Jacaranda Resort.

Kuku Restaurant

This is the main restaurant of the Jacaranda Resort, with buffet service, show cooking and grill. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner; enjoy the panoramic sea view and the main pool.

Special Dinners

The best products from the Indian Ocean: lobsters, shrimps and giant crabs. Reserve a dinner choosing between our special menus and between our locations, the Beach Restaurant or the gazebo by the pool.

Main Restaurant

This is the Resort’s main restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering the same services of the Jacaranda Resort. In addition to a large hall, it offers a large open space in a tropical garden.


The main ingredient is the kindness of our baristas, as for the Jacaranda Livingstone Bar, the Main Bar and resort Beach Bar.

Soft & All inclusive

The basic service for the Jacaranda & Jumbo Resort is ALL INCLUSIVE. In two versions: SOFT or ALL. The SOFT version includes breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the restaurants. Snacks during the day and tea time at 17 pm. Soft drinks from 10 am to 10 pm and local beer during meals. The ALL version adds a list of cocktails with local spirits and draft beer from 10 am to 10 pm.

Livingstone Bar

The central bar of the Jacaranda Resort and its “twin” of the Jumbo Resort are the ideal meeting points where to enjoy a cocktail or another creation of our bartenders. Have you ever tried a passion fruit mojito?

Beach Bar

It is centrally located between the Jacaranda Resort and the Jumbo Resorts. From morning until sunset you can quench your thirst with some drinks or taste some fresh fruit snacks. And on Saturday…BEACH PARTY!