About us

How the Jacaranda Resort is born

When I first saw this incredible beach, far from everything and only with a few private houses, I told myself it was impossible. And that’s why I worked with all my heart for it. In 2004 I opened our “little” Jacaranda resort, surrounded by nothing but the beauty of the place. Always respecting the environment, during the following period of expansion and renewal, I tried to maintain the original spirit of the place: an Italian touch, a lot of Africa, in an environment where the customers could tailor their holiday on themselves and choose what to do without limitations. We reached more than 40.000 annual presences from Europe on several occasions since 2010, confirming that the impossible IS possible.

Pasquale Tiritò


What is Jacaranda today

We built the new JACARANDA BEACH RESORT and we own and manage it from 2009. We are the owners of the adjacent BRAVO CLUB WATAMU BEACH, managed by ALPITOUR leading tour operator in Italy and JUMBO RESORT. We have developed through time a real estate project: the JACARANDA VILLAS and the SULTAN apartments. But what makes us feel more proud is having brought electricity and running water into the area and overall the construction in 2010 of the Jacaranda Beach Primary and Nursery School. We shared our dream with more than 4.000 families living in the surroundings. The impossible has become possible for them too.